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Rolling Steel Plate into Large-OD Pipe

New and used steel plate sheets are rolled into large-OD cans. The cans are then fitted into the customer’s desired length. The range of capability spans 30”-144” outer diameter and .188”- 1.250” wall thickness. OD bands can be welded onto the ends of steel pipe joints. Beveled ends are available as the customer desires. Full customization on OD, wall, and length is available – please inquire for a quote.

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FBE Pipe Cleaning

Through the use of a high-powered blow torch along with a series of brushes, fusion-bond epoxy is carefully removed from steel pipe joints anywhere from 4 ½”-42” outer diameter and up to .750” in thickness. A cleaning fee is charged and adjusted for the OD and wall thickness of the product. Please inquire for a quote.

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Pipe Coating

Pipe coating options are available and charged based on OD size – the options are black paint, coal tar, and coal tar epoxy. Please inquire for a quote.

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Mid-Welding Pipe

New secondary and mill reject pipe is welded to dead lengths with the option of beveled ends. If requested, back up rings can be installed on the ID. Please inquire for a quote.

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Orders are happily delivered by truck, at competitive rates, to wherever the customer requires.

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OPS Sales Company has two sales offices in St. Louis, Missouri and Fort Lauderdale, Florida in addition to the four operational locations. The business is a private, family-owned entity in the midst of incorporating a 3rd generation of family members.

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